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We accept the challenges of the new age and the latest trends with mapping projections that turns surfaces into dynamic video displays using high-resolution projectors.


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Using new projection techniques, we turn almost all surfaces into dynamic video displays. New generation of video mapping and projections creates a whole new dimension of experience.

We guide you through the entire process of selecting and implementing the best digital solution for organizing virtual events, made in the best way to meet all your needs.

We invest hard work, a lot of patience and a high level of organizational skills in the organization of events or event management in order to deliver expected event to our clients.

We plan and organize conferences and seminars in detail to ensure top service, a great user experience and successful implementation in accordance with your budget.

A good stand means a good presentation! Successful organization of fairs and exhibitions requires knowledge, experience and a sense of providing exactly what the visitor wants to see, hear and feel during the visit.

The message you send is important, but it is also important how you organize the sending of the message. Organizing media events is an important way to communicate with your clients, business partners, media representatives and other participants.

We provide design, creation and strategic planning services in the Public Relations segment. We are here to create proactive and reactive plans with you and put them into action!

Movies have not been mere entertainment for a long time – films inspire ideas, discussions and interests. We organize unforgettable video and cinema screenings that the audience will gladly remember.

The organization of a film festival must attract as many spectators as possible. Your job is to create a top film program, while our job is impeccable technical and logistical support.

We provide technical support before, during and after the event. We ensure the functionality of the microphone, projector and sound system, we take care of the presentations and that each participant has their own chair.

Modern and innovative ways of creating and processing sound allow audio production and post-production to be performed entirely according to the client’s wishes and in accordance with the project.

Be a part of the new generation of event organization from the angle of technically flawless video production and get to know new dimensions and ways of modern advertising and promotion.

Respond to the language challenges of the new age. Simultaneous translation equipment will solve all your problems during international conferences and meetings…

Experience a new level of smart communication! Get your Tour Guide System and start a new era of communication with complete autonomy and security.


In addition to many years of experience in organizing classic events, renting modern technical equipment and providing technical support to trained technical staff, we also organize classic event formats.


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