Organization of conferences according to the highest standard by which you will remain recognizable!

Depending on your target audience, the Event Tim will help you choose how to create an event; the space where you want the event to take place, which will be in an accessible and attractive place for everyone; scenography that will satisfy every guest because it will be tempting and pleasing to the eye; professional staff you will work with; equipment and many other details needed to realize your idea and hold an event that will satisfy each of the visitors and students, but also the most important thing – you!

Organizing events can sometimes be a very stressful job, so it is best to leave it to professionals who know how to deal with everyday stress. Event Tim is a group of young and creative people who specialize and are registered to organize any event of a group nature and present your idea in the best possible light.

The Event Tim helps you choose the perfect location, of course depending on the size of the event, desired location, accessibility, physical characteristics of the venue (number of halls, hall capacity, venue for additional events), season, attractiveness and of course budget.

Our team also manages the complete organization of events in terms of financial management, so that together with you we anticipate and use budget funds in order to better organize the conference. Members of our team constantly coordinate with you about the details of the event plan and budget. You receive daily reports on the status of applications, finances and other services for which you will hire the Event Tim.

Conference organization is a dynamic environment in which mistakes cannot be hidden. No matter how confident you are and how much resources you have provided for the event, any omission puts you in a very awkward situation. So when planning you need to be very careful, precise, stick to deadlines and check everything on time to make sure that the work is done exactly as it should be and Event Tim is exactly what you are looking for, a team that is worthy of your trust and ready to great endeavors.

Event Team offers:

  • Selection of the venue
  • Budget planning and projection
  • Development of the concept and program content of the event
  • Complete audio / video technology and sound and lighting
  • Planning and booking of conference space
  • Setting the scenery at the event
  • Securing the necessary permits
  • Selection of the best technical solutions for the performance of the event
  • Engagement of professional hostesses
  • Engagement of authorized persons from insurance
  • Engagement of professional waiters
  • Engagement of staff for registration and information
  • Event administration
  • Catering – preparation, delivery and serving of food and drinks at the event
  • Design and print of all conference materials
Organizacija konferencija
Organizacija konferencija
Organizacija konferencija

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