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At a time when events are a luxury we cannot afford due to the current situation, we motivate our clients to do, now popular, virtual events. Although it may seem like a worse idea at first, trust us – they are not! There are numerous benefits to online events.

With the advancement of technology, it has become apparent that virtual events can fill the gap created by the large number of cancellations and other constraints arising from the current situation. In addition, virtual events offer some significant benefits. The financial advantage is that virtual events eliminate the need for space rental, certain types of insurance and additional services such as staff and catering, thus reducing operating costs and consequently allowing a higher return on investment. Live events involve geographical constraints and thus travel constraints and costs, which may actually prevent some participants from attending.

Due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, many trade fairs and companies have given us their trust and turned the planned events into virtual ones, thus preventing additional cost of time, money and loss of loyalty of participants. Instead of hotels, cultural institutions, conference centers and restaurants, participants of the event organized by Event Tim can attend your event from their home or office – all they need is an internet connection.

With the help of Event Tim, you will not have to cancel the event! Turn it into a virtual one – conveniently, quickly and easily, regardless of the type of event and the number of participants. Thanks to numerous techniques, it is possible to bring a virtual event closer to the real one and ensure interaction with the participants.

Although we know that virtual events do not have the same power and will never completely replace live events, we have learned in a situation like this that circumstances may require a transition to the virtual world, sometimes in a very short time. Having a plan and the right technology can mean that turning to digital can be a simple alternative that you can fully trust and that, rest assured, Event Tim will bring you and your customers as close and efficient as possible.

Organizacija virtuelnih događaja
Organizacija virtuelnih događaja
Organizacija virtuelnih događaja

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