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Exhibitions and fairs are one of the most popular cultural programs in many countries of the world, which are held both in the country and abroad. The demand for such events is constantly growing, and more than 35,000 exhibitions are held annually in the global catalog alone.

The world knows a huge number of types of exhibitions that are divided by function, purpose, audience and occasion. The possibilities and functions of the exhibition depend on its typology, purpose and orientation, and our Event Tim can make each of them technically and organizationally perfect. In order for the event to be successful, you need to study all the nuances of organizing and conducting exhibitions, and for that reason the Event Team always pays attention to even the smallest details to make your event flawless.

Event Team The company provides you with the service with the trust it deserves by organizing small and large events in both locally and in the region. As an organizer, many press conferences, educational conferences, congresses, fairs and exhibitions are proof of expertise and willingness to take risks, of course, with an obvious end result, with care for catering (food and drink), technical support and finally the final part of the event. The Event Team justifies the trust placed.

Event Team offers:

  • Selection of the venue, place of the event
  • Budget planning and projection
  • Development of the concept and program content of the event
  • Complete audio / video technology and sound and lighting
  • Planning and reservation of exhibition space
  • Setting the scenery at the event
  • Securing the necessary permits
  • Selection of the best technical solutions for the performance of the event
  • Engagement of professional hostesses
  • Engagement of authorized persons from insurance
  • Engagement of professional waiters
  • Engagement of staff for registration and information
  • Event administration
  • Catering – preparation, delivery and serving of food and drinks at the event


Event Tim as a recognizable brand in the organization of events is here to meet all requirements, dreams and your ideas, and save precious time in these moments when there is almost everything except enough time. Our job is to show creativity in your favor.

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Organizacija izložbi

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