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You are organizing a fair and at one point you stopped, you have nowhere to go? You have no idea? Event Tim provides logistics services and solutions in the field of both domestic and international fairs and congresses with professionals who speak foreign languages ​​and have many years of experience.

The event team ensures the use of new media in the organization and innovative business, and leading the initiative in today’s business life. The presentation at the fair brings direct contact with partners and potential clients, so it is increasingly important and we believe that we should dedicate ourselves to it as much as possible. For the services we provide, we give you a guarantee, because we stand behind our actions and words.

Visitors are able to get in direct contact with future associates. This type of direct collaboration cannot be measured with written business proposals or advertisements. The organizer of the fair always faces a great challenge to meet the criteria of the participants of such gatherings, and the Event Team has all the necessary resources, staff and technical support to make your fair unforgettable.

Our team will provide you with transport services from the client to the venue of the fair. Complete organization of transport, service of assembly / disassembly of stands at the scene. Manipulation of goods loading-unloading and delivery of goods, advertising material, etc. to the stand or place of presentation. We organize the preparation of complete documentation for all fairs and congresses outside the EU.

Also, through the communication service, we provide users with all relevant information related to this event, either by phone or e-mail: fair opening hours, ticket prices, transport information, information related to accommodation. In addition, it is possible to order tickets through our service.

If there is a need for a team, we also provide assistance in the form of staff for the fair. In every sense, we meet the expectations of the organizers and exhibitors, as well as the visitors themselves, and thus develop the potential for future events of this kind because the Event team has the task to make the event special, in every possible segment.

Organizacija poslovnih sajmova
Organizacija sajmova
Organizacija sajmova

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