video mapping
and projections

Turn wanted surface into dynamic video environment.

Recently, the technique of mapping video projections has become increasingly popular. The video projection mapping technique uses projection technology in a new and completely innovative way. With the new generation of projection techniques, almost all surfaces can be turned into a dynamic video display. The projector projects film, animation or static visual on the facade of the building or some other suitable surface in high quality, which achieves the full effect of high quality coverage of the surface with a light projected beam. Take, for example, the mapping of video projections to buildings, which achieves various exciting effects and animations that can enchant the audience and those present.

Projectors can generally be divided by purpose (home use – for home cinema and business use – presentation), then by resolution (SVGA, XGA, WXGA and Full HD) and by volume and display quality (depending on the amount of ANSI lumens). According to your needs, wishes and possibilities, we can provide and rent very cheap projectors for different purposes – whether you need a projector for a short meeting, lecture, congress or a large event with a larger number of people.

In our offer you can find the following projectors:
BARCO G100 W19 20000 Ansilumen
BARCO G60 W7 8000 Ansilumen
SONY VPL FHZ75U 7000 Ansilumen

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