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cinema screenings

Give your employees, business partners or associates an unforgettable cinema experience – organize a cinema screening of your choice with the support of Event Tim company.

In a very simple and affordable way, delight your guests and treat them to an experience like on the red carpet that they will not forget so easily. Choose the perfect movie / video device for your guests, opt for the latest blockbuster, art film or documentary and treat them to the best experience that will give them a pleasure that will be remembered for a long time.

If you want to really impress your guests with an event they will remember, treat them to an exclusive cinema screening and our team will do everything to give you and your chosen ones a full cinema experience in its best and most glamorous light.

Our high-quality movie screens and rental equipment make for an outstanding experience for all your guests, families and cinema lovers, and your endeavor will surely be talked about in the city.

Executive production, organization, technical support, supervision and realization of events

Open air cinemas and screenings, film screenings and festivals, concerts and music festivals, theater performances and festivals, business and corporate conferences and congresses, press conferences, everything that can be shown on the movie screen, our team will make available to you and your needs .

Given the experience in the projects behind us, and thanks to clients who trust us, you can give your trust to us and expect in return the organization of events of epic proportions, both technically and aesthetically.

Bring back the era of cinema screenings to your community and enjoy the organization of the Event Tim!

Organizacija filmskih festivala
Organizacija kino projekcija
Organizacija kino projekcija

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