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Organization of seminars according to the highest world standards using state-of-the-art technology.

Seminars and congresses are places to share ideas and experiences, solve problems, promote products, build team spirit and generate ideas. Places where you will improve yourself, your company and your business. For this reason, the Event Tim and our professionalism and support, in all steps of the organization, are a guarantee of a successful organized event.

Organizing events can sometimes be a very stressful job, so it is best to leave it to professionals who know how to deal with everyday stress. Event Tim is a group of young and creative people who specialize and are registered to organize any event of a group nature and present your idea in the best possible light.

Event Tim in its engagement in the organization of seminars offers assistance in all segments of the organization – from the conceptual design and concept of the event, through consulting and planning, to the implementation of agreed plans.

Depending on your needs, we can take over the complete or partial organization of any of the listed activities, and our team is fully capable of taking over and performing the complete organization and monitoring of the course of events.

Our company has technical equipment that is being renewed in step with technological progress, so we always have what meets today’s standards in audio and video technology. In accordance with the circumstances that are currently one of the main topics, our team is always always ready to respond at any time to technical difficulties that can suddenly create problems in any organizational process.

Whether you are looking for someone to whom you would completely leave the organization of an important business seminar, whether you need an individual service or “just” advice – contact us, your Event Tim!

Organizacija seminara
Organizacija seminara
Organizacija seminara

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