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Today’s society is inconceivable without mass communication, and it is necessarily mediated.

Modern media are changing all aspects of global, but also of personal life. Public communication mediated by the mass media is one of the most profitable activities in modern society. Today’s society is inconceivable without mass communication, and it is necessarily mediated. Media power influences the cultural unification of humanity, and that is an essential characteristic of the global realignment of the world. The smallest event in one place can have an impact on all other parts of the world by developing a rapid flow of information and communication.

Event management is the process by which an event is planned, prepared and implemented. Like any other form of management, event management includes all types of assessment, definition, acquisition, allocation, guidance and control.

This, of course, includes an analysis of time, finances, staff, products, services and other resources, in order to achieve your goals and provide you with the service you expect.

Event Tim selects the proctor for your media event depending on the format and audience, so when choosing we pay attention to the level of formality you want. If you are expecting guests from outside the city or state, we will inform them about how to get to the location and provide transportation costs. Our concern is that the space is adapted and accessible for people with disabilities. We take care of the necessary technique, equipment and logistics related to the space and the event and provide it without your effort and care.

Promoting your event on social networks, web portals, radio is part of the work we will do for your needs. When it comes to social networks, we announce your event at least two to three weeks before the event, if necessary longer, and regularly publish details about the event, topic or speakers so that the audience is interested in coming, attending or watching.

Invitations to potential visitors, as well as the media, are sent in agreement with you, in clear and beautifully designed emails with appropriate visuals or in written form. We also meet journalists so that they can follow your event and record details about events and organization, as well as content, and create new contacts for your future events.

Organizing an event is a demanding and responsible job in which the range of responsibilities ranges from manual worker to PR manager, and all segments of the organization our Event Tim owns. With all the quality and experienced preparation, your event in our organization will undoubtedly be noticed and perfect.

Organizacija medijskih događaja
Organizacija medijskih događaja
Organizacija medijskih događaja

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