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Respond to the language challenges of the new age. Simultaneous translation equipment will solve all your problems during international conferences, meetings, gatherings …

Globalization, which has brought numerous advances in the everyday life of every profession, has also brought some obstacles that need to be overcome. And the first thing we will encounter in this process are language barriers. How to overcome this problem? How to organize scientific, social, educational and other gatherings without discriminating against any participant? Simultaneous translation equipment offers us all the necessary solutions for this challenge.

Simultaneous translation equipment – An effective response to the language challenges of the new age

Simultaneous translation, in fact, is the best way to truly engage all dialogue participants from different language backgrounds. With the help of specialized equipment, without much effort, it is possible to provide real-time voice translation for each of the participants, in any language of your choice. In this way, the overall experience for the participants in the dialogue has been simplified, but also improved in many ways.

The simultaneous translation equipment of the DIS brand, which is part of the SHURE group, is the best representative of such equipment that offers the possibility of simultaneous and high-quality translation in virtual and hybrid meetings or events, for a large number of participants. He will have no problem answering all the tasks, when it comes to reaching audiences around the world, and in addition to live events, he also covers virtual events, which makes it completely easier to work online when needed.

Simultaneous translation equipment is usable for a wide range of different events, and offers solutions for all systems, from simple teleconferencing to much more complex ones, such as the election voting system, where multilingual interpretation is required.

Technical specifications of simultaneous translation equipment

When it comes to technical specifications, simultaneous translation equipment usually consists of translation booths with equipment, receivers with headphones, microphones and general sound system, and technical support and translation services are required. In most cases, more translators must be hired for such occasions, so that the quality of the translated material is at the highest level, and it is necessary to use the services of technical staff who have the skills to manage such equipment. If you meet these basic requirements, simultaneous translation equipment will allow you to communicate without any limits.

When choosing simultaneous translation equipment, it is very important to consider several important features. First of all, it is necessary to know the audience for which it will be necessary to provide translation, ie their number, which will determine the number of primary and backup devices for certain events. Then it is important to determine the number of languages ​​for which you will need simultaneous translation, which determines the number of broadcasters you need and their type. The next thing that the simultaneous translation equipment requires is to determine the location where the translators will be located, and the audience itself, in order to determine the exact type of equipment that will be used. The most commonly used types of this equipment are: infrared technology systems, medium range digital systems, and long range FM systems.

Simultaneous translation equipment DIS: A unique solution

With a large number of consoles on offer, DIS brand simultaneous translation equipment has provided all the necessary simultaneous translation technologies in one place, ensuring maximum quality of simultaneous translation and adaptability to all types of conferences, conferences and events that need technical support in this way. By choosing this brand, it is possible to respond very effectively to all the challenges of the simultaneous translation process, while the quality of sound and its broadcasting to end users remains at the highest level.

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