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The organization of the film festival is a source of excitement, adrenaline, joy, dynamic and unpredictable circumstances. The dynamics of events in the process of organizing a film festival is above all exciting, but it is often a source of stress and organizational torment. Successfully organizing a film festival and offering the audience a better experience every year is the aspiration of all involved in the process, but also a great challenge that requires special experiences and skills, and this is exactly what the Event Tim has.

Event team is a company specializing in production and organization, technical and operational support, rental of professional presentation and festival audio-video-lighting equipment and technical implementation and supervision of the most demanding multimedia projects and events.

In addition to the usual locations for events such as cinemas, theaters, multimedia and festival halls, sports or congress halls, hotels, galleries, etc., the Event team is fully equipped to perform and make projections and sound systems in places where there are no planned technical conditions and predispositions.

Event team together with its PR / marketing and event management members, through many projects participates in the implementation of various requirements in the realization of eminent film, music and theater festivals and projects, various corporate and business conferences, press conferences, exhibitions, fairs, sports and tourism events , campaigns, workshops and other gatherings and events.

Integrity – We value honesty and ethical behavior in everything we do. We are responsible, both for our decisions and for our actions. We strive to encourage collaboration around competition between festivals, membership and the film festival community. We strive to work properly proactively, valuing criticism, accepting tension, and taking risks.

The event team works on what could be, reacts in time, eliminates possible difficulties regarding the organization and technical correctness of all aspects of the festival, and encourages innovation!

By choosing the Event team for the realization of your event, you have filled the indispensable segment of all forms of events, selected equipment and staff that will meet the accuracy, professionalism, schedules and protocols and make your event unforgettable and technically and aesthetically perfect.

Organizacija filmskih festivala
Organizacija filmskih festivala
Organizacija filmskih festivala

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