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Tour guide system: Experience a new level of smart communication! Get your tour guide system and start a new era of communication with complete autonomy and security.

Tour guide system is a unique system of devices that allows the most optimal use of time spent on various tourist tours. With this system, you can provide visitors with clear and understandable communication, based on a radio broadcast that, while touring factories, traveling or touring the city, offers multilingual tourist interpretations, audio descriptions, and other guides in challenging and noisy environments.

Tour guide system: A new level of sound experience

Such systems are also suitable for environments with high noise levels. The best example of using tour guide system technology can be seen during organized factory visits, when they make communication between employees or factory visitors as easy as possible. However, despite this example, the range of use of this technology is wide, and it is possible to apply them in the operation of the factory, to communicate with workers at a safe distance and the like.

In short, such tour guide system devices enable more autonomous tours, excursions, employee training, language interpretation, conferences and fairs. As the visitor goes to a particular exhibition, without any clicks or actions, the system can automatically retrieve relevant information about that exhibition (using the automatic tour guide system), and it is possible to use the option of pre-recorded information that users can retrieve using these devices.

With the help of the tour guide system device, it is possible to maintain one-way and two-way communication, while ensuring excellent transmission quality, even at distances greater than 100 meters in the field of view. Thus, it is possible to provide easy navigation for system users, in conditions when it is necessary to maintain distance, with the required top level of communication. This includes not only conducting conversations and presentations, but also two-way communication in which users can ask questions or lead free discussions and debates.

However, the most widespread use of the device is during tourist visits to popular tourist destinations, which often include a large number of people gathered in a small space. Such locations are often associated with high crowds, and now that tourism has adopted a second, new dimension, guide and audio guide systems will be a great option. The tour guide system will thus enable the guide to provide quality service without having to gather a close-knit group, but can allow tourists to scatter in space up to 100 meters, and still enjoy communication with the guide.

Technical specifications of the Tour Guide System

Tour guide system includes small devices, which are hidden in the pocket and do not interfere with work, and comfortable headphones that do not create pressure on the head even after several hours of use. Almost as a rule, such systems are equipped with disposable headphones, packed in sealed bags, which ensure hygiene and safety, which is a special advantage in times of hygienic and epidemiological challenges. In case they are equipped with reusable headphones, it is possible to use disposable sanitary pads made of fleece.

The main advantages of the tour guide system, compared to some other devices of this type, lies in their dimensions and the autonomy they provide to users. Also, they are reliable to use and through these devices a large number of technical solutions have been developed that prevent interference, so that users will be able, using the device, to dedicate themselves to the topic they want to listen to. Also, the devices come with batteries that last a minimum of six hours, and provide the ability to be used in larger spaces.

All you need to do is get to buy a tour guide system, choose the channel on which you want to broadcast your topic and you can start communicating with your colleagues or tour groups you lead and enjoy the new level of sound experience this system provides.

Tour Guide System
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Tour Guide System

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