An event can be a ceremony, a sports competition, a congress, a conference, an exhibition, a festival or a party. We can unite all these meanings through one term – event. Given their size, we can categorize them as mega-events, regional, significant or smaller. To work in this sector, you need developed managerial skills such as the Event Tim has and the application of marketing methods and techniques in order to achieve quality event promotion. Our constant presence and market monitoring is one of the most important foundations for the success we guarantee you.

Often this activity is classified as the one with the highest dose of risk and stress due to the high interdependence of the participants of the organizational team, but this will not prevent our Event Tim from performing its task professionally and efficiently with its skills. Our event managers will consider their job done successfully if they bring the right people, to the right place and at the right time. Therefore, finding the target group is a very important segment of this business. What is challenging is the fact that no two events are the same, and our organizing team just use that to their advantage and creative thinking methods and techniques as a way to prove that we are the best.

Our team designs the location, program and all accompanying facilities according to your needs. With our work and effort, we have proven ourselves ready for great endeavors and work under pressure, given that the environment in which our society currently is, requires dynamics, organization and cooperation of all members in the shortest and most efficient time, we guarantee that Event Tim company which will respond effectively to your needs.

You want to present a new product or service, a special day or evening for your best clients and employees or any other event. Event Tim will take care of the complete organization of the event.

Event management is a dynamic environment in which mistakes cannot be hidden. No matter how confident you are and how much resources you have provided for the event, any omission puts you in a very awkward situation. So when planning you should be very careful, precise, stick to deadlines and check everything on time to make sure that the work is done exactly as it should be and Event Tim is exactly what you are looking for, a team that is worthy of your trust and ready to many ventures.

Events can be divided into four groups depending on the activity for which the event is organized:

  • Celebrations (anniversaries, festivals, parties, weddings, birthdays )
  • Education (conferences, meetings, congresses, seminars )
  • Promotions (product launches, fairs, fashion shows, exhibitions…)
  • Other events (festivals, concerts, commemorations ).
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