Audio production is the creation or production of sound and recording of sounds for various purposes. Audio production includes recording radio commercials, jingles, movies, recording audio music devices to creating backgrounds for video games and other television, radio and internet materials.

Organizing events can sometimes be a very stressful job, so it is best to leave it to professionals who know how to deal with everyday stress. Contact your future Event Team organizer because our team consists of a group of young and creative people who are specialized and registered to organize any group event of the highest standards.

Mixing and editing of audio and video material, recording of voice-over, editing of video material, making 2D animation, making 3D animation, inserters, telops / announcements, announcing and unsubscribing spikes, promo spots, video editing (adding video correction effects, video conversions , video adaptations …)

Each audio production has its own process, which our team successfully solves with your minimal commitment and care around the entire process.

Audio production for our engagement includes:

  1. preparation and production of music,
  2. sound production, arranging and audio editing, ie audio post-production.

Also, the Event Team offers post-production and audio production for film, video, commercials, jingles, reports and other programs for television, radio and the Internet.

– Audio mixing

– Audio mastering

– Audio editing

– Audio digitization

– Music production

– Sound production

– Sound design

Audio produkcija
Audio produkcija
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